1. Want want want want want want want. NOW.


    OBSESSED with this lovely nautical piece. The shape, stripes and cutout back are perfect! Check out our nautical picks for this frock and more!

    <3 Amy, ModStylist

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  2. I might have to get a pair of overalls & floral printed pants this spring… wtf is it 1992? It’s so happening, may as well not fight it.

  3. Black and white are really in this season. Lucky for most of us this is one trend we can follow without having to hit the store. Above, in this horrible photo, I paired a simple white button down with black pants, blazer and high boots.

    Buttoning the shirt all the way up and adding a flat heel give this a bit of a equestrian feel. Favorite detail, the boots lace all the way up the back, making this seemingly androgynous outfit a little more feminine.

    photo credit: stylebistro.com

  4. H&M re-released a line of Maison Martin Margiela clothes this fall. It apparently tanked, but that worked in my favor. I found the above Asymmetrical Hitched Up Drape dress for 99$, originally priced at $200. Still not a deal by H&M standards, but it was the perfect pick for my company Christmas party. I work in advertising in Boston; a slightly quirky dress like this won’t go unnoticed amongst the sequins and Kate Spade. However it still covers me well enough to be work event appropriate.

    I decided to go a little punk with this look. Rocking new bangs I added in patent leather heels with a slight nod to S&M and a studded clutch. My favorite accessory however, was my chain-mail bracelet (pictured above) by T-racey.

    Oh and be warned this is one of many horrible mirror shots coming your way. Need to remedy that.

  5. The What What’s going a tad fashion. As my first post I give you one of my favorite summer party dresses. This can be warn open as shown or with a tie around the waist. Personally I don’t like looking like a woodland fairy, so I left it open for a real 70s vibe. Add a chunky statement necklaces as shown for a bit of drama.

    *photo credit: Anthropologie Online

  6. Middlebrook!! (Taken with Instagram at Fenway)

  7. Old Fashioned at Drink, I highly recommend. (Taken with Instagram at Drink, Boston)

  8. Maine, beach tomorrow. (Taken with Instagram)

  9. Home sweet home (Taken with Instagram)

  10. Babies say what the crap is this?! (Taken with instagram)

  11. Beach ready in OP (Taken with instagram)

  12. A little help please auntie?! (Taken with instagram)

  13. Argh ships ahoy! (Taken with Instagram at Brown Ledge Camp)

  14. Yeah that’s the motto of the weekend! (Taken with instagram)

  15. Starting to think paleo s the best thin that ever happened to me. Gonna need to back off the almond meal pretty quickly haha. (Taken with instagram)